Marbella Costa del Sol Spain Quick Virtual Tour

Welcome to the quick virtual tour of Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain.

Virtual tourThe Marbella Feria Map
The Marbella Feria, La Feria de San Bernabé is one of Marbella's most fun and colourful annual events, with a whole week of dancing and partying on the streets of the Marbella Old Town.

Virtual tourParque Alameda West Map
Parque Alameda or Parque de la Alameda is full of exotic trees from around the world that shade quiet areas, where you can sit and relax.

Virtual tourParque Alameda South Map
At the centre of Parque Alameda is a circular fountain, Fuente Virgen del Rocio, with scenes of the El Rocio Pilgrimage. On some evenings the fountain displays in time to music.

Virtual tourPlaza Africa Map
Plaza de Africa is situated near the bottom of the old town of Marbella. Typical where streets and paths converge, these plazas are dotted all over the old town.

Virtual tourPlaza Palomo Map
Plaza Palomo is situated along from Plaza de Africa, near the bottom of the old town of Marbella. Typical where streets and paths converge, these plazas are dotted all over the old town. Plaza Palomo is where Marbella's smallest tapas bar Tasca Antonio is situated.

Virtual tourAvenida del Mar Map
Avenida del Mar used to be covered by a large flower garden with earth paths and park benches. In the 1990s it was excavated and converted into an underground car park, now covered by ivory coloured marble and bronze statues.

Virtual tourPlaza Victoria Map
Plaza Victoria is situated 50 meters west of the Orange Square and is surrounded by restaurants, cafeterias and shops. Plaza Victoria is a really nice place to sit and catch your breath while shopping in the old town.

Virtual tourOrange Square West Map
The Orange Square or Plaza de los Naranjos is the historic centre of Marbella. For over one thousand years the people of Marbella have used Plaza de los Naranjos as the place to meet and to be seen.

Virtual tourOrange Square East Map
The Orange Square is ringed by many restaurants and shops. The Marbella town hall is located here, as well as the Marbella tourism office where you can find free maps and information about cultural events and what's going on in Marbella.

Virtual tourOrange Square South Map
Orange Square, Plaza de los Naranjos was built between 1485 and 1568. The sand stone Orange Square fountain was erected in 1504 and commissioned by the first Mayor of Christian Marbella.

Virtual tourVenus Beach Map
Venus Beach is also known as Playa del El Fuerte, it is half a kilometer long and 50 meters wide. Venus Beach is located next to the Marina and is Marbella's most central beach, directly down from the old town.

Virtual tourFaro Beach Map
The Marbella lighthouse beach or Faro Beach is one of Marbella's smaller beaches, at 300 meters long and 35 meters wide. It is situated west of the Marbella maria and looks out over the marina boat entrance.

Virtual tourSkol Beach Map
Skol Beach is also known as La Fontanilla Beach, it is 800 meters long and 30 meters wide. The Skol Hotel is situated at this end of the beach, hense the beach's name, it's the tall building at the end of the walkway breakwater.

Virtual tourPaseo Maritimo Map
The Marbella Paseo Maritimo promenade follows the coastline of Marbella town for 6 kilometres, with almost 2 kilometers laid in marble stone.

Virtual tourFunny Beach Map
Funny Beach is part of Cable Beach which is 40 meters wide and 1.3 kilometers long and is located on the east side of Marbella, between the fishing port and Rio Real river. The sand quality here is really good, as are all the beaches east of Marbella town, that are known for there cream to golden coloured sand.